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Voice Reel #1 Voice Reel #1

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September 2015 Demo September 2015 Demo

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Heidi Tabing's Character Demo Heidi Tabing's Character Demo

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Sonic And Pals Chapter 2 Sonic And Pals Chapter 2

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Creative, Professional, and a nice guy

Versatile Voicing (Demo) Versatile Voicing (Demo)

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He's the best of the best...and a dream to work with

Snak responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words my friend :D I can say exactly the same goes for you and that I am extremely excited to see the amazing works you come up with (as well as the current project underway of course!)

Voice Demo (Better Quality) Voice Demo (Better Quality)

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He's a fucking beast of talent!!!!!!!

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JayWEccent responds:

Thanks. I still want to do an even better demo though.

Ray Mancini Audition Ray Mancini Audition

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Awesome Thanks for doing this Sir...It's a small part, but you made it great

Joker Audition Joker Audition

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thanx for doin this

unfortunately the JOKER role is closed...but would you mind trying out for Alfred?

he's older than you but I think you might be able to sound like a tired old man

FussBox responds:

Ummm, I guess, a bit disappointing but sure.

Black Mask Reel 3 Black Mask Reel 3

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great stuff

how can I download this?

Disobey responds:

Hi, sorry for the late response, I ended up moving out of the country haha. If you'd like the audio download message me

slower district attorney slower district attorney

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just need you to get ANGRIER

and not so spaced out...sorry

jearle219 responds:

Ok I'll try